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Drupal is the technology. Struction makes it happen.

Struction was started in 1998 as a relief valve for its proprietor, Brian Shensky, a then-12-year veteran Oracle database consultant. While working his way to a university degree catering to database-savvy enterprise clients, a few things became clear:

  • University-bred open source technologies would blossom in the commercial world.
  • The glamor of the late-90's DotCom Web failed to place importance on good organization and maintenance of business' data.
  • Standards-based technical execution involving free and commercial software provides robust, interoperable systems that provide excellent ROI.
  • Good internal design executed with open source software manifests a competitive and financial advantage in the coming century.

Fast forward less than a decade, and those points became manifest in the rockstar content management system known as Drupal. More than just a CMS, Drupal provides a full software development framework, community-supported, that scales to any business need through thoughtful architecture and interoperability with countless existing technologies. What open source promised in 1998, Drupal delivered in 2004 and continues to today.

Struction takes a pragmatic approach to software development that considers the technical and business goals of our customers, always looking for the right blend of compromises that yield the right solution, at the right cost, right now, while providing clear opportunities for growth when the time comes. Though never afraid of new technologies, Struction is remarkably hype-resilient, always striving to best meet our customers' goals.

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Brian Shensky

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